Since 1866 Howard Brush has manufactured a wide variety of quality products that are practically indestructible. All are handcrafted in York, Maine and are manufactured to the exact specifications developed by the founders of the Howard Brothers Company. Our diverse product line have uses in many different industries including textiles, fiber arts, furriers and you sheep men and women will want to check out our special product line designed just for you!

sheep cards
Sheep Cards for sheep showers and breeders.

rug hooking
We have Rug Hooking frame kits and gripper strips.

hand cards
Hand Cards for those in the fiber arts industry.

industrial textile
Hand cards and quick change pads for the industrial/textile industry.

drum carder
We feature drum carding cloth and 2 sizes of Drum Carders.

rug rake
Nappers and cards for the Furriers and pet owners will love our Rug Rake!

Hand Card Recrafting...

Howard Brush Hand Card recrafting is unique among other manufacturers in the fiber arts community. For a nominal fee, our repair and rejuvenation service puts your cards through the same process used in their original construction. The card cloth pad is carefully removed, measured precisely (wire field area, TPI, projection of the tooth and knee) and they are restored as nearly as possible to their original hand-crafted condition. Few others offer such a complete recrafting.

Hand Card Recrafting