All of our products are handcrafted in York, Maine. Our Hand Cards are manufactured to the exact specifications developed by the founders of the Howard Brothers Company in 1866. Each hand card is formed using select woods, with a gently curved compromise between flat and strongly curved cards, allowing for both styles of carding action. The handles are ergonomically designed to shape and fit, easy to orient, sturdily attached to the carder back and finished with a warm hand-rubbed sheen. These traditionally made hand cards are offered in 3 sizes: Standard, Student and Mini, and in 5 densities from 54 TPI to 190 TPI for the fiberarts community.

hand card - hcrm28

HCRM28 - Howard Hand Card Mini Size

hand card - hcrs28

HCRS28 - Howard Hand Card Student Size

sheep cards - hsc6
HCFC6 - Multi-Use Cleaning & Flicker Card; curved face to clean other cards, Drum Carders & excellent for flicking fibers.

hand card - hcr28

HCR28 - Howard Hand Card Regular or Standard Size

Hand Card Recrafting...

Howard Brush Hand Card recrafting is unique among other manufacturers in the fiber arts community. For a nominal fee, our repair and rejuvenation service puts your cards through the same process used in their original construction. The card cloth pad is carefully removed, measured precisely (wire field area, TPI, projection of the tooth and knee) and they are restored as nearly as possible to their original hand-crafted condition. Few others offer such a complete recrafting.

Hand Card Recrafting