Since 1866 Howard Brush has manufactured quality hand cards and brushes that are practically indestructible. All of our products are handcrafted in York, Maine and are manufactured to the exact specifications developed by the founders of the Howard Brothers Company. Our diverse product line have uses in many different industries including textiles, fiber arts, furriers and sheep showers & breeders...

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Card Clothing

card clothing

We manufacture all kinds of flexible card clothing for the spinning and finishing industries. We use a hardened and highly tempered steel wire that is remarkable for its longevity & uniformity. There are five densities of card clothing available in standard 8” width and it can be purchased by the linear foot (wider widths available upon request). Each ply of cloth is made to our own exacting specifications which call for long staple cotton, double carded yarns, specially prepared warp threads in the ply of woolen cloth, all of which then must be cemented or glued. This requires a fineness of skill and technique that can only come through accumulated experience.

Other Products

drum carder

We also have other products such as two sizes of drum carders that come fully assembled. We manufacture frame kits, gripper strips and other supplies for rug hooking, and if you have pets you will want to check out our very own rug rake.

Our hand carders are made using select woods and finished with a warm hand-rubbed sheen. Each has a gently curved compromise between flat and strongly curved cards, and the handles are ergonomically designed, easy to orient and sturdily attached to the carder back. We also make carders specifically for sheep showers & breeders.